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Leaders in Operational Management

Asset management is crucial to the long term benefits and performance of any stormwater asset. We are leaders in our field in the operational management of your stormwater assets. Servicing Australia-wide we are qualified to meet your needs wherever you are.

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Structural Assets

Whether it be regular monitoring, cleaning or maintenance of primary & secondary treatment assets, including Gross Pollutant traps (GPT's), Litter baskets, Trash Racks or Oil & Silt Arresters we have the appropriate solutions available.

Vegetated Assets

We provide stormwater design and management solutions for vegetated assets that meet and exceed required objectives in an economically, environmentally, and socially beneficial way.

Renew Solutions applies integrated urban stormwater management strategies (i.e. the treatment train) and custom green stormwater asset solutions tailored to your needs.

We specialise in all stages of asset management and total treatment train solutions, from conceptual design through to implementation, maintenance, auditing, monitoring, rectification and renewal of green stormwater assets.

Our comprehensive green asset management services ensure local authority requirements are achieved and exceeded, in addition to water balance modelling, quality monitoring and reporting.


What Can We Do?

Renew Solutions adhere to strict principles and standards to ensure that your asset is performing at its best and meeting local authority requirements. Not all stormwater assets are created equal. All of our maintenance activities follow guidelines either set out by the individual manufacturer or best management practice. With the assistance of advanced in-house technologies, we can offer asset owners access to real-time data on the effectiveness of their stormwater treatment system and true visibility on all maintenance activities.

We consolidate and reconcile existing databases of known assets to lookup known asset locations, both privately and publicly owned. We can physically search and locate unrealised assets so that they can be recorded and added to the database.

We can undertake asset audits to determine each asset type, status and condition. An Asset Profile of each asset is then created to provide the asset owner with a more complete profile on each asset’s unique characteristics, function, and requirements for monitoring, cleaning, and OH&S. It also provides the owner with an asset valuation.

We can undertake comprehensive inspections on each asset at predetermined frequencies, recording each asset’s status and condition. These inspections can include the monitoring of Gross Pollutant Traps to determine the volume of pollutants they have retained, the composition of those pollutants and whether any GPTs are required to be cleaned. The condition of the GPT’s internals and external components is also recorded, confirming any requirements for asset maintenance.

If an asset is found to be in need of a clean we can undertake the necessary cleaning activities to ensure that any type of asset is cleaned in accordance with manufacturer’s and design specifications.

If a defect or damage is found within an asset during an inspection or clean, we can provide the resources needed to resolve such a defect or repair such damage with immediacy.


Inspecting Sydney GPTs with Ideanthro