Experts in our field

We’re passionate about delivering Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) to achieve the best possible economic, environmental, and social outcomes.

Our multidisciplinary team comprises environmental engineers, managers, and scientists. We have a wealth of experience and expertise in delivering WSUD solutions across a variety of stormwater design and management contexts.

Our focus is on delivering good economic, environmental, and social outcomes as these are what WSUD aims to achieve. Of equal importance is delivering innovative solutions that are aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective, and water sensitive.

Work with Renew

Civil, Structural & Environmental

From conceptual to RPEQ certified civil, structural and environmental engineered design services. Design and redesign of stormwater treatment systems, including:

Stormwater quality improvement devices (SQIDs)

  • Gross Pollutant Traps (GPTs)
  • Litter Baskets
  • Trash Rack systems

Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD)

Vegetated Assets

  • Bioretention systems
  • Swales
  • Infiltration systems (eg. sand filter)

Hydraulic Modelling

From preliminary to full stormwater drainage hydrologic and hydraulic modelling. Determine how your existing asset or an intended asset affects the stormwater system within which it is being implemented.

Stormwater Quality Modeling

MUSIC (Model for Urban Stormwater Improvement Conceptualisation) modelling services. Verify whether your existing asset or an intended asset meets local authority treatment requirements.