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We (Renew Solutions) are an environmental consultancy, product and service provider specialising in environmental site compliance and the management of spill, silt/sediment, wastewater and stormwater management assets, including spill kits, silt curtains (land and marine) and stormwater quality improvement devices (SQIDs) and conveyance structures (e.g. pits, pipes, and overflow pits). More than this though, we are a company that continues to deliver cost-effective and innovative solutions to our clients to help them progress towards environmental site and asset compliance and the smart and sustainable management of their environmental infrastructure. Our unique approach has led us to being recognised as an industry leader in this space.

Organisational Profile

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Since 2010, Renew Solutions has provided independent, comprehensive, high quality and value for money site compliance and asset management products and services with a focus on the audit, evaluation, modelling, design, construction, installation, and management of environmental assets. We deliver these services by collaborating with the best individuals and organisations in the field to encourage a multidisciplinary approach that understands the specific needs of our Clients. This approach enables us to achieve the best and most cost-effective outcomes for our Clients.

Our independence from proprietary product manufacturers allows us to review and recommend the most appropriate and effective solution for the site and Client requirements. We provide our Clients with a choice of recommended solutions for the best fit. Our Clients range from government organisations and local authorities, to developers, engineers and architects, to property managers and body corporates, and to contractors and plumbers.

Renew Solutions, together with its partnering subcontractors, have the capabilities to undertake various asset management works including, but not limited to:

Design and modelling of stormwater management systems (e.g. stormwater treatment and flood management)

Supply, construction and/or installation of spill, silt/sediment, wastewater and stormwater management systems

Asset management of environmental assets, including monitoring, cleaning and maintenance activities

Data capture to support continued evaluation and analysis and reduce ongoing management costs.


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