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“ UN researchers suggest that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean……let that sink in a little.”

Our Story

I think it’s fair to say that most people would never consider walking up to the beach and knowingly toss their plastic bottle or bag directly into the ocean. So how is all this rubbish getting there?

How does the plastic straw that flew out of the car window end up in the ocean when you live an hour from the beach?

In urban environments there are many hard surfaces such as roofs, roads and footpaths that prevent rain from soaking into the ground. Stormwater is the water that flows on hard surfaces after rain.

Stormwater networks are fantastic at carrying away excess rain away to stop our streets from flooding but unfortunately are also collecting any rubbish along with it. So that straw that flew away makes its way through our rivers and creeks and eventually makes its way out to the sea being consumed or entangling our precious marine life.

Not exactly the ideal situation…

Renew Initiative is a charitable initiative and the brainchild of a group of Gold Coast companies, with a vast amount of expertise in this area, with a like minded goal of protecting waterways around the world and minimising the amount of plastics and other waste making its way into the ocean.

We have teamed up to design, construct and install custom built pollution control devices for the places that need it most. We want to raise awareness and educate the masses on the destructive effects untreated stormwater causes in our ecosystems.

We believe that actions speak louder than words and are focused on providing localised solutions on plastic management. Our aim is to be a positive influence to help manage this world wide problem.

Initiative: Renew Bali

Project Location: Keramas, Bali

Renew Bali

Indonesia is the world’s second-largest source of marine plastic waste after China.

In November 2018 a 30-foot sperm whale washed ashore the coast of eastern Indonesia with six kilos of plastic waste and trash in its stomach. This included 115 drinking cups, 25 plastic bags, plastic bottles, two rubber sandals and 1,000 pieces of string.

This story is one of thousands or potentially even millions of cases of plastic waste finding its way into the ocean and threatening marine life and with global plastic production increasing exponentially the amount of plastic finding its way into the oceans is only going to increase.

With around 10 million visitors heading to Indonesia annually and a population of almost 270 million people plastic waste is a huge problem.

With this initiative we are aiming to reduce these pollution loads by installing appropriate infrastructure around Indonesia starting with the island of Bali. In conjunction with working with the community to raise awareness on the impacts this volume of rubbish is having on the surrounding ecosystem.

Keramas, Bali

Keramas, a province situated in the south east of the island of Bali.

Known for its black sandy beaches and amazing surfing conditions. The beach is home to the Corona Protect, World Surfing League event.
Situated along the beach lies Hotel Komune, a beautiful eco friendly resort that has pledged to help protect this stretch of balinese coastline by developing their own green development guidelines including employing a four man team to clean the beach and adjoining river operating daily.

During large rain events the storage capacity of the river rises and the current infrastructure in place is unable to successfully collect all the plastics and general rubbish flowing through the river which ends up flowing into the sea. As a monsoonal area this unfortunately happens all too regularly.
renew keramas is the first project for renew initiatives to help manage the pollutant and plastic loads in waterways around the world.

The new device installed will allow the boom to rise and fall with the water level and ensure that even in these large rain events plastics and other rubbish are completely contained and can be safely collected and then disposed off.

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