Pollution Control Device Audit 1

Project Details

Blacktown, NSW

Blacktown City Council

Auditing & Condition Assessment

Pollution Control Device

Renew Solutions was approached by Blacktown City Council to audit and report on their primary treatment Pollution Control Devices (PCDs).

What did the project involve?

  1. Auditing GPTs
    • Using advanced technologies to locate, identify, and assess GPTs
    • Assess the condition of GPTs to identify defects and other issues affecting asset performance
    • Identify and implement cost-effective solutions to rectify defects and other issues identified in audits
  2. Analysing contributing catchments
    • Using combined GIS and hydrological modelling software to characterise the contributing catchment of each asset to estimate pollutant loads and expected cleaning requirements
      Developing Best Practice Management Guidance
  3. Develop asset-specific best practice
    • management procedures based on audit data and contributing catchment analyse

Information collected will serve as a baseline upon which Blacktown City Council intend to effectively manage their assets into the future, ensuring the best stormwater outcomes are achieved.

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