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asset management audit

We physically audit assets to collect up to date and accurate data including, but not limited to, type, size, model, location, dimensions, storage capacity, vegetation design, etc.

Our focus starts with locating, auditing, identifying and profiling assets to best prepare the asset owners or managers for future monitoring, cleaning and maintenance activities. This includes verifying the Asset Register by ensuring all assets have been located, mapped, and identified. This ensures that any personnel (internal or external to the Client’s organisation) has the most reliable information and data about each asset, including its location, access requirements, confined space entry, traffic management, and working at heights requirements, storage capacities, and other dimensions and specifications.

condition assessment

Condition & RISK Assessment

The condition assessment inspection of each asset at the time of audit. Each asset receives a condition and risk rating in accordance with the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia Practice Notes 5, or the client’s preferred condition and risk assessment protocol.


Based on the condition assessment, we identify all damages, defects, and management options to address them in a Works Improvement Program. We rank each asset by condition rating and the effectiveness of management options. We estimate costs to undertake management options (e.g. decommission, renewal, repair, upgrade).

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