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About Our Environmental Site Assessment

Whether your business is new or established, you will want to make sure it abides by environmental laws and regulations, otherwise you can face penalties that can cause you stress. Get the on-site assessment you need to ensure your business is compliant.

An assessment allows us to visit your site to identify your existing and potential risks. It will also give us the best opportunity to learn about your workplace, your team and your requirements. During this visit we can discuss the basics of your compliance obligations. It helps us to get acquainted and talk about how our services can work for you.

esa environmental site assessment

Environmental Risk Assessment to Ensure Proper Compliance

Identifying risks and developing an action plan are steps 1 and 2 in our compliance cycle. Following the on-site assessment we will present you with a report detailing recommendations you can adhere to thus ensuring your business achieves environmental compliance with environmental regulations, laws and guidelines.

So if the thought of getting an environmental audit is overwhelming, call Renew Solutions. Our environmental risk assessment will advise the steps you need to take to be prepared for any audit.

What Our Environmental Risk Assessment Includes

The outcome of the assessment should leave you confident that you understand what needs to be done and have a plan. For this reason, we include:

Site Visit
We will visit your site to check your stormwater management and spill response preparedness. We will then take the time to review your environmental policies and procedures.

Report & Action Plan
You will receive a written assessment of our findings. In this report, we will outline our feedback, recommendations and suggested fixes to ensure you comply with environmental regulations. In order to achieve this compliance, we will also give you quotes for products and services to help you get what you need in place and maintain compliance going forward.

Take the Stress Out of Your Environmental Risk Assessment

If you want to have an environmental risk assessment without any hassle, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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