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For any organisation with staff that may be required to respond to spills, spill kit training is a must. Spill kit training provides the knowledge essential to safely, and correctly, respond to spills in the workplace.

We present a multimedia and interactive training session in a clarssroom setting. At Akuna Services we advise this training is appropriate and critical for anyone who may need to use a spill kit in their workplace. This training will satisfy requirements of Workplace Health and Safety, Environmental Compliance and/or Due Diligence practices of an organisation.

Spill Kit Training:
what’s involved?

Spill kit training involves three distinct components. Participants will get the chance to be part of a mock spill demonstration. This is of high importance as it ensures the training provided is understood on a practical, not just theoretical level. Therefore, if it comes to the real thing, participants won’t be confused or unsure of what to do. The second component is site specific training. This is implemented to make the training as relevant as possible. It will familiarise participants to the highest level in what they might face in a spill-type scenario. 

Spill Kit Training:
what you’ll get out of it

At the conclusion of the training you will have an updated knowledge of spill kits, and how to use them. The course will highlight to you the need for spill control and why it’s so important to properly address any spill incidents that may occur. You will have a firm grasp on the procedures and protocols needed to facilitate an effective response, and, most importantly, you will be able to identify and use a spill kit. Participants will also understand how to appropriately deal with the aftermath, such as the disposal of contaminated waste and reporting of the incident.

All jobs that may involve spills require their employees to have undergone this training. Make yourself, or your employees more qualified, by undertaking spill kit training today.

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