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Renew Solutions provides independent comprehensive, high quality and value for money services with a focus on designing, fabricating, installing and managing stormwater assets.

Full turn-key services that can assist in the design or redesign of existing or intended stormwater assets, the supply and installation of new or improved assets, and the location, identification, monitoring, cleaning and maintenance of existing assets.

Our team have provided continued success through the result of building long term client relationships and supplier partnerships since 2010. The difference is in our focus on understanding the specific needs of our clients and working closely with them to look beyond their expectations and to find those tailored solutions which will achieve the best and most cost effective outcome possible. We keep things simple.



Confirm and record the location of your assets to ensure you know exactly where they are and how to get to them.


Quickly identify and create a custom asset profile to share with colleagues, contractors or your local authorities.


Track your asset’s status, condition and any required actions at any point in time.


Schedule future audits, monitoring, cleaning and maintenance and get instant feedback from field operators straight to your device.


Analyse performance and costs for one asset or for a range of assets from one convenient location.


We consolidate and reconcile existing databases of known assets to lookup known asset locations, both privately and publicly owned. We can physically search and locate unrealised assets so that they can be recorded and added to the database.

We can undertake asset audits to determine each asset type, status and condition. An Asset Profile of each asset is then created to provide the asset owner with a more complete profile on each asset’s unique characteristics, function, and requirements for monitoring, cleaning, and OH&S. It also provides the owner with an asset valuation.

We can undertake comprehensive inspections on each asset at predetermined frequencies, recording each asset’s status and condition. These inspections can include the monitoring of Gross Pollutant Traps to determine the volume of pollutants they have retained, the composition of those pollutants and whether any GPTs are required to be cleaned. The condition of the GPT’s internals and external components is also recorded, confirming any requirements for asset maintenance.

If an asset is found to be in need of a clean we can undertake the necessary cleaning activities to ensure that any type of asset is cleaned in accordance with manufacturer’s and design specifications.

If a defect or damage is found within an asset during an inspection or clean, we can provide the resources needed to resolve such a defect or repair such damage with immediacy.





Both Charles and James are proudly active members and committee members of Stormwater Queensland (


Renew Solutions has adopted an internal operating system to meet the Australian Standards for Quality ISO 9001:2008, Occupational Health and Safety AS/NZS 4801;2001 and Environmental ISO 14001:2004 requirements. Renew Solutions is fully insured for all Professional Indemnity and Public and Product Liability. Further confirmation of other associated insurances can be provided upon request.