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Bunded pallets are a must-have storage solution for hazardous materials, equipped with raised edges that create a “bund” to contain any spills or leaks. Our extensive range includes a variety of bunded pallets, such as 2-drum, 4-drum, single IBC, and double IBC options. Each pallet is crafted from highly durable materials to withstand exposure to chemicals, oils, and other hazardous substances.

Our bunded pallets offer an economical and simple solution that complies with Australian Standards 3780, which require a bund to contain 110% of the largest stored container’s capacity in the event of a spill. By utilising our bunded pallets, you can ensure that your liquid storage meets these standards, providing a compliant and straightforward solution.

Choose from our selection of bunded pallets to find the one that best meets your specific needs.

2 Drum Bunded Pallet:

Polyethylene 2 Drum Bund, 1290 x 860 x 440mmH

4 Drum Bunded Pallet:

Polyethylene 4 Drum Bund, 1290 x 1290 x 250mmH

Single IBC Bunded Pallet:

Polyethylene 1 x 1000L Bund -1760 x 1350 x 800mmH, Capacity: 1150L

Double IBC Bunded Pallet:

Polyethylene 2 x 1000L Bund -2250 x 1350 x 580mmH, Capacity: 1300L


– Australian Made

– UV Stable

– Tough poly construction – resistant to most chemicals

– Removable Fibreglass Grates for easy cleaning

– Fully compliant bund capacity

– Field tested and proven

– Nestable for transport to remote regions

– Forklift Pockets for easy relocation of bund when empty


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2 Drum Bunded Pallet (1290mmL x 860mmW x 440mmH), 4 Drum Bunded Pallet (1290mmL x 1290mmW x 250mmH), Single IBC Bunded Pallet (1760mmL x 1350mmW x 875mmH), Double IBC Bunded Pallet (2550mmL x 1350mmW x 610mmH)

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