Asset Solutions

Why Renew Solutions?

Our years of industry experience and strategic understanding ensure that our clients receive the best solution for their individual requirements. Renew Solutions offer comprehensive services to simplify your environmental requirements.

Asset Solutions

Design & Modelling

Renew Solutions provides civil, structural, and environmental design services for the design of
new assets or redesign of existing assets. Service activities include the following:

  • Investigation of proposed sites
  • Review of client requirements
  • Review and selection of best solution for the site and client
  • Drafting of concept and detailed design documentation
  • Drafting and preparation of ‘For Construction’ drawings
  • Modelling (e.g. Stormwater quality modelling (MUSIC), Hydraulic/Hydrologic modelling)
  • RPEQ Certification of design and drawings
  • Preparation of ‘As Constructed’ drawings upon completion of installation/construction activities

Asset Installation

We provide complete turnkey services ensuring new and existing assets are Australian Standard compliant and installed per manufacturer or design specifications.

Installation Services

Renew Solutions can provide various in-house installation services for our environmental products. These installation services include all necessary licences and meet regulations to ensure a smooth, turnkey process for installing new assets.

Products that we readily provide installation services for are:
  • Drain Warden
  • Floor Bund
  • Litter Baskets
  • Stormwater Quality Improvement Devices (SQID)
  • Bioretention Basis

Asset Rectification

We ensure that any rectification meets the manufacturer’s specifications and requirements. In addition, we can provide the design, supply and installation services required to fix the asset.

Condition Assessment

Be on track with your asset management through Renew Solutions. We will help you collect relevant data and audit your assets to ensure you are up to date. Each Asset receives a condition and risk rating per the protocol set by the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia.


Not sure where to start? Talk to our environmental compliance specialist. We will help you identify
the underlying problems that need immediate action and offer sustainable solutions that meet your requirements.

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