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A Debris Boom is a floating barrier that effectively controls and contains pollution in various waterways, including ponds, rivers, channels, and canals. By strategically placing a Debris Boom, gross pollutants can be diverted into a containment area for easy collection, creating a trash trap that keeps waterways clean and healthy.

Our Debris Booms are constructed with high-quality materials, including 610gsm PVC or 1020gsm Elvaloy casings, which provide excellent durability and resistance to damage. The crumble-resistant closed-cell foam flotation ensures that the boom stays afloat even in rough water conditions, while the superior 370gsm UV-stabilized high-density knitted HDPE skirt provides an additional layer of protection.

For stability and easy deployment, our Debris Booms come equipped with 6mm galvanized continuous chain ballast in a pocket and universal ASTM F962 z-connectors. Custom materials are also available as required to ensure optimal performance in any environment.

Investing in our Debris Booms provides an effective and reliable solution for pollution control and containment, ensuring the health and safety of our waterways.

  • 610gsm PVC or 1020gsm Elvaloy casings
  • Crumble resistant closed cell foam flotation
  • Superior 370gsm UV stabilised high density knitted HDPE skirt
  • 6mm galvanised continuous chain ballast in pocket
  • Universal ASTM F962 z-connectors
  • Custom materials as required

Tidal risers and anchor packages available.

Custom designs available.

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