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The Silt Warden is a stormwater inlet protection device used to trap silt and course sediments before they continue into (and block) stormwater drains. This simple and cost-effective gross pollutant device assists in achieving environmental compliance on worksites.

The Silt Warden is specially designed to protect stormwater systems during the construction of infrastructure projects, in particular roadways. It can prevent blockages within the stormwater system. This solution is especially effective when installed in the early stages of construction and landscaping activities.


  • Construction sites
  • Roadworks
  • Mine sites


  • 370gsm high density, high tensile knitted HDPE
  • UV stabilised
  • 50mm high strength polyester lifting straps
  • 600mmL x 600mmW x 600mmD tapered basin


The Silt Warden is easy to install. It is sized to fit a standard drain pit. You simply lift the grate, fit the silt trap in the pit and use the grate to hold it in place. Reinforcement can be achieved using zip ties to attach the handles to the grate.


Once installed, the device and the pit should be inspected both on a regular basis and after rain events. Once the Silt Warden has reached capacity, it can be removed using lifting equipment such as a forklift or small crane. It should then be responsibly disposed of according to local regulations.

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Silt Warden (0.9mL x 0.9mW x 600mm basin), Silt Warden (1.3mL x 1.3mW x 600mm basin)

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