Emergency Shower and Eyewash Test and Tag

Eyewash Test and Tag

Eye Wash Eyewash and safety showers are essential to provide immediate decontamination after exposure to a hazardous substance, delivering rapid and reliable response to sudden and critical accidents in the workplace. Having the equipment is not enough, however, and a scheduled eye wash and safety shower maintenance system should be in place to ensure your […]

Spill Kit Servicing

Spill Kit Servicing

Renew Solutions’ spill kit servicing program simplifies the maintenance of your sites’ spill kits and stores – one of the most essential components of any workplace environment. Spill kits provide the equipment necessary to respond to, and control, most workplace spills, either major or minor. Their maintenance is critical to ensure your workplace is ready […]

Environmental Assessment

Renew Solutions Environmental Site Assessment

Whether your business is new or established, you will want to make sure it abides by environmental laws and regulations, otherwise you can face penalties that can cause you stress. Get the on-site assessment you need to ensure your business is compliant. An assessment allows us to visit your site to identify your existing and potential […]

Spill Containment Training

Spill Kit Training

Your spill containment team is your most valuable asset to protect your site and the environment from pollution incidents. Spill responders and environmental officials must be aware of any changes in legislation or upgrades to spill prevention products. Staff training has a big impact on the effectiveness of your spill containment strategy and response plan. Spill kits are […]

What You Need to Know About Site Condition Assessments

When buying or owning a commercial property, it is essential that you carry out due diligence in ensuring that the property meets all the required standards. Therefore, before you sign on the dotted line, it’s important that you get a site condition assessment. One of the required standards is that the property complies with Australian environmental […]

Stormwater Management – Runoff Prevention

Stormwater management is an essential part of any workplace that manages liquids or debris that could cause potential harm to humans or the surrounding environment. Stormwater management strategies are crucial for the improvement of water quality.  What is Stormwater Management? Stormwater management is the effort to reduce the runoff of rainwater into streets, lawns, and […]

Your Guide to Spill Control and Containment

Properly managing spill control and containment is vital for any workplace that stores or uses liquids that can pose a threat to humans, properties, or the environment if a spill or leak occurs. Such businesses are required by law to protect their employees, other people, and the environment. Failure to meet these obligations can lead […]

Erosion and Sediment Control For Construction Sites

Work on a typical construction site tends to disrupt many square metres of dirt and all of that disrupted dirt and soil poses significant sediment and erosion control challenges.  Considering how unpredictable rainfall and storms are, it takes vigilance to control sediments. It also increases the cost of construction projects. However, if sedimentation is not […]

What Soaks Up Oil?

Considering the hazards that oil spillage can pose in a factory or workshop, it’s not surprising that you wonder about what soaks up oil. Oil spillage pollutes the environment, leading to the overall degeneration of the ecosystem. And besides that, it can also result in workers sustaining injuries. These reasons make it important to find […]

Keeping Our Waterways Clean During Construction

Controlling the movement of silt and sediment during any construction is a key part of the environmental compliance for the developer or contractor. Whether a major infrastructure project, commercial development or a home renovation, if you dig a hole or disturb the surface then there is a risk of pollution from silt and sediment migration. So what […]

Do We Need A Spill Kit?

The fact is that most industrial, commercial and manufacturing sites around Australia would need a spill kit of some sort. Even Government operations – like council depots – need the protection of a spill kit to handle liquid spills. Accidents happen. The fact that your site has never had a spill doesn’t mean that you […]

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