Spill Kit Servicing

Renew Solutions’ spill kit servicing program simplifies the maintenance of your sites’ spill kits and stores – one of the most essential components of any workplace environment. Spill kits provide the equipment necessary to respond to, and control, most workplace spills, either major or minor. Their maintenance is critical to ensure your workplace is ready in case of a spill incident. A spill kit inspection will also help safeguard against running foul of Section 362 of the Work Health Safety Regulation 2011, where non-compliance can incur up to a $30,000 fine. Renew Solutions upholds the gold standard in spill kit inspection and maintenance services. Our products are also second to none. Compliance with environmental regulations and the highest quality that Renew deliver every day will allow businesses to prioritise their environmental performance to adequately meet their goals.

Spill kit inspection – what’s involved?

With Renew Solutions’ spill kit servicing program, a service technician will be dispatched to your location to ensure your spill kit is up to standard and fully stocked. Any service work performed on the day will be detailed within a comprehensive report. Service work may include (but is not limited to):

  • the initial assessment
  • content restocking
  • marking and mapping and
  • reporting

Through this service, your company can monitor and review the ongoing status of your spill kit products and equipment.

Why choose Renew’s spill kit inspection?

By choosing Renew, you are effectively choosing an array of benefits that make up one of the most inclusive spill kit servicing programs on the market. Through this service, management of spill kits has never been easier. Staff awareness of spill control and procedures will be upheld, alongside an opportunity for spill kit training which will result in a higher standard of staff knowledge. In comparison to utilising the services of internal staff, engaging Renew Solutions is highly cost effective and will allow you to pursue standardisation across workplace sites if so desired. Most importantly, however, it provides a simple way of meeting government standards so that across all areas, your workplace, and its spill kit equipment, will be soundly above board.

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