SpilMax 200gsm Oil & Fuel Absorbent Pads


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SpilMax 200gsm Oil & Fuel Absorbent Pads will absorb a wide variety of plant and seed oils, hydrocarbons, petrochemicals and petroleum-based solvents.

Because SpilMax Oil & Fuel Absorbent Pads pads are hydrophobic and repel water, they are an ideal absorbent for use around water and in wet conditions. Even when fully saturated they will float on water. They are ideal for use with spills in waterways, and for use on boats, in marinas, on wet worksites and in or near stormwater outlets.

Oil & Fuel Absorbent Pads are great for everyday use in workshops or in spill kits. Ideal for cleaning up small spills and equipment leaks. These pads are economical in workplaces where they are used often to wipe down equipment, tools or drum tops.

These pads are manufactured from melt blown polypropylene. They have dimples and scrim for greater durability. They do not lint or tear easily. Pads can be wrung out and reused many times during spill clean up.

Size: 480mm x 430mm
Qty: box of 100

The box has a tear away opening for easy dispensing.

The SpilMax range of absorbents have undergone extensive testing to ensure their absorbency and performance.



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