DrainSAFE™ Stormwater Isolation and Pollution Prevention Device


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DrainSAFE™ is a simple and cost-effective stormwater isolation and pollution prevention device that installs in a stormwater drain pit. Once installed, a DrainSAFE™ device can be used to stop spills and gross pollutants from entering the stormwater system. Ideal to meet environmental compliance and spill response regulations.


The DrainSAFE™ is a serviceable unit that retrofits inside a drain pit. Once installed it sits entirely beneath the drain grate. In the OPEN position, the DrainSAFE’s diffuser with weir traps gross pollutants, sediment and debris. In the CLOSED position, the closed DrainSAFE isolation valve will block the drain and stop the flow of contaminants through the device. This function is ideal for emergency spill response to keep spills from entering the stormwater system.


The DrainSAFE™ stormwater isolation device has been very successful for both spill control and pollution prevention. Installations across Australia have proven the efficacy and long lifespan of the DrainSAFE™ unit.

Visit the DrainSAFE website to learn more!


  • Flow rate 33L/sec
  • 556mm deep (barrel)
  • 624mm Diameter including the top lip
  • Manufactured tolerance +/- 2mm
  • Weight of unit 22kg
  • Capacity 80L

Installation Components

Included with the unit

  • HDPE pit skirt 1.2m x 1.2m x 15mm thick
  • HDPE mounting blocks
  • Sealant
  • Concrete fastener



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