Flow Switch for Safety Stations AP275-615


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Application: Single pole, double throw flow switch for use with emergency equipment. Flow switch is installed in water supply line upstream of emergency unit. When unit is activated, switch senses the movement of water in the supply line. Switch can be used to activate alarm horn and light or send electrical signal to monitoring system.

Installation: Flow switch is mounted in tee fitting that is installed in water supply line to emergency unit. Switch must be installed with tee fitting in horizontal position, flow switch body in vertical position and at least 6″ from closest fitting. Direction of flow is marked on switch body. Furnished with weatherproof electrical junction box with gasketed cover. Switch operates at 125 volt up to a 5 amp max electrical connection.

Activation: AP275-615 activates at 0.75 GPM, deactivates at 0.60 GPM. AP280-615 activates at 3.0 GPM and deactivates at 1.75 GPM. AP285-615 activates at 1.5 GPM and deactivates at 1 GPM.

Quality Assurance: Unit is fully assembled, wired and factory tested prior to shipment.

Additional Options

  • AP275-617 Same as above with double pole, double throw switch.
  • AP280-615 Flow Switch, 1″ IPS for emergency showers.
  • AP285-615 Flow Switch, 1/2″ IPS for eye and eye/face wash units.


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